Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Move In Silence

When you move in silence, outsiders won't know your business. What's done in secret, God will reward you openly. It's just like when we were in elementary school and the teacher would tell the class, "We going to put our finger up to our lips and walk down the hall quietly." Why? So you won't disturb the others. When the enemy is seeing you move, he attacks. #MoveInSilence #Ssshh

Monday, August 1, 2016

Greatness Is On The Inside Of You

The reason they don't talk to you at all or don't hang around you anymore is because the greatness that is in the inside of you. You wondering why family disowned you. You trying to figure out why folks talk about you. You hurt because he/she broke your heart. Remember, the enemy sees your destiny before you do. It was meant for all of this to happen. Why? Because God has greater. So tell yourself,  #ThereIsGreatnessInMe

Facing Life Obstacles

For every setback there is always a greater comeback. Obstacles are there to strengthen us, they're not there for us to quit. That's what the enemy's assignment is...to get us to stop dead in our tracks. On the track, the athletes doesn't stop in front of the hurdles, they use their strength to jump over them so they can finish the race. If they knock one down or if they fall, they keep going.